Tips for Hiring a Medical Translation Services Company


As a health care provider, there may be instances where your practice cares for patients who speak little English or none at all. These people still deserve the highest level of care, but it is important that they understand the diagnosis and the course of treatment before signing an informed consent document that they can read in their own language.

Since not all health care providers are fluently multi-lingual, many medical practices hire a medical translation services company to translate important information into other languages. If your medical practice is in need of translating services, use the following tips to find the right company to work with:

Focus on Translators—Not Interpreters 

When you need medical documents translated, it is important to know the difference between translators and interpreters. Both are fluent in more than one language, but there skills are quite different. An interpreter is skilled in translating spoken language, while a translator focuses on translating written words. When searching for medical translation services companies, make sure you are looking at those who employ translators.

Seek Native Speakers

When it comes to something as important as medical documents, it is in your practice's best interest to seek a translator who is a native speaker of the language that a document is being translated to. In most cases, a native speaker is more skilled at writing in their native language than in a second language. When you find translation services you are interested in possibly working with, make sure to ask if they have native speakers available to translate your documents.

Ask About Turnaround Time

Before you sign a contract with a medical translation services company, it is essential to know their turnaround time and how soon you can expect your order. If you don't need your documents translated in a hurry, a longer turnaround time may not matter as much. But when you need documents translated quickly, it is important to work with a translation services company that offers the turnaround time that you need. 

Secure Quotes

The bottom line is important in all aspects of running a medical practice, so make sure that you are completely clear on the cost of services before hiring translation services. A reputable company should have no problem providing you a price quote and letting you know exactly what you can expect before you place your order. Contact services like Executive Linguist Agency to get an idea of the quote options you have.


17 October 2017

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