Tips For Giving A Presentation Using A Spanish Interpreter


If you are giving a professional presentation to a predominantly Spanish-speaking audience, then using a Spanish language interpreter is an excellent idea. However, if you have never worked with an interpreter before, then there are some specific things that will make your presentation go more smoothly, including following each of these time-tested tips:

Rehearse Your Presentation with the Interpreter Before Your Event

Since you and your Spanish interpreter are not familiar with each other, it is vital you spend some time together rehearsing your presentation before your speaking engagement. This time together will give your interpreter a chance to learn about your natural speech patterns and will also familiarize them with the topic and basic content of your presentation. During your meeting, provide a written outline of your speech or a copy of your notes for your interpreter to refer to during your presentation. This is especially important if you are speaking about a highly technical or specialized topic that your interpreter isn't well versed in.

Be Mindful About Talking Too Fast Due to Nervousness 

It is natural that you will likely speak a bit faster during your presentation because you are nervous. However, it is vital that you are mindful about this tendency and take the necessary steps to slow down your speech. Speaking slower helps your audience better understand you and it will also make your foreign language interpreter's job a whole lot easier. 

Avoid Using Industry Jargon or Acronyms

Even if you are presenting a complicated topic that is very technical and industry specific, it is very important for you to avoid using industry jargon or acronyms during your speech. The reason is that these things are hard for your interpreter to properly translate into Spanish. For example, if you are speaking about an information technology topic, then rather than saying the acronym IMAP, you should instead say the words "internet messaging access protocol" so your interpreter can more easily translate it into Spanish

Understand a Presentation that Requires Interpretation will Take Twice as Long to Deliver 

Finally, it is important you understand a presentation that requires a foreign language interpreter will take about twice as long to give as one that doesn't require interpretation. For example, a presentation that would normally take about an hour will last nearly two hours when you use an interpreter. For this reason, you need to plan ahead and shorten your presentation if necessary. 


13 June 2017

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