Why Human Translation Services Are Best


Would you like to sell your product or service overseas? Are you thinking about having your website translated into different languages so that you can reach more people? While there are many websites out there that offer automatic translation of your text, this may not be the best option for you. While automatic translation may be fine for some short texts, such as quick emails, you'll want to hire a professional translator to translate longer documents for you. There are several reasons why you should use an actual person to do the job, but some of the most important reasons are:

Word order: When translating automatically, the software doesn't always know which order is correct in the language that it's translating to. In the best case scenario, this will simply sound strange to the person or people who read the translated version. At worst, however, the meaning of the sentence could be completely changed. This could lead to some unfortunate misunderstandings where your customer is expecting you to provide one thing and you are actually wanting to provide something else entirely. Using translation services that use actual people to do the translating is the best way to help avoid these simple misunderstandings.

Idioms and other figures of speech: Idioms don't always translate well into other languages. Machine translation services will translate idioms literally, ultimately creating sheer nonsense in the translated text. For example, if your client wrote to you with a long list of requests and closed by saying that he or she has had trouble in the past and hopes that you won't "sand" him or her as well, you'd probably be confused. But if you used an actual person to translate the original Portuguese, you'd find out that the client is simply asking for you not to cause any harm to him or her. Similar issues can exist when translating from English to any other language.

Cultural differences: Different languages have different ways of expressing things depending on who's doing the talking and what's being talked about. A native speaker of English might find your sales pitch to be just right, but things can change if you directly translate to another language with a machine. Certain words or phrases might be considered rude, hostile, or pushy when used to try to sell a product. This isn't something that a machine can tell you, but a living person will be able to translate the document in question without causing offense or misunderstandings.


26 January 2017

Enjoy a Culture Filled Vacation

Whenever I’m on vacation, I like to learn about cultures I’m unfamiliar with. For example, my husband and I plan to study Native American culture this summer while vacationing in North Carolina. We hope to learn how authentic Native American baskets are woven. I’m also interested in Native American pottery and jewelry items. If you have young children at home, consider introducing them to a different culture this year during a summer trip. Visit an exotic location. Tour interesting museums. Most of all, have fun discovering new things together. On this blog, you will discover how to plan a culture filled vacation. Enjoy!