How Chatting Online Can Boost Your Second-Language Learning Efforts


If you're trying to learn a second language online, there's one tool that you should consider making use of: High-speed internet has made it easier than ever to communicate with people from all over the world, and talking with someone who natively speaks the language you're trying to learn is only a click away.

How It Helps

You might be wondering why talking with a stranger online is a good idea. Well, the fact is, many people learn a second or even third language, but also forget said language over time. Unless you're planning on moving to a place that mainly speaks the language you're trying to learn, there's a strong likelihood that all of your hard work could disappear over time.

Furthermore, while traditional classes can teach you the vocabulary, structure, and basic pronunciation, there's nothing quite like listening to and speaking with someone who naturally speaks the language. Talking to a native speaker can speed up your learning process and help you to retain what you've learned.

The Uses of Voice and Video Chat With Native Speakers

Depending on your comfort level, you can choose to either have a voice chat or even a video chat with someone who speaks the language natively. You don't have to dial some random stranger on your voice chat; many services exist that will pair you with a native speaker who wants to talk to people who are trying to learn their language. If you're comfortable, you can even volunteer to help others who want to learn English online.

When you talk with your new partner, you can discuss what it is you want to practice. Maybe you want to expand your vocabulary, or discuss informal phrases that are commonly used in native speech but aren't necessarily taught in books. You can also take this opportunity to hone your accent. While a native speaker can't necessarily teach you how to have a perfect accent, speaking with them actively can help you to learn what the language should sound like, and correct your pronunciations accordingly. Additionally, your partner can provide feedback on whether it's easy to understand you or if your accent makes it difficult.

Chatting with a partner can help you to keep your skills sharp for years to come, whether you only chat every once in a while or on a frequent, regular basis. It's an advantage that modern-day language learners have over people who tried to learn second languages in years gone by, so give it a try!


23 July 2015

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