Tips for Hiring a Medical Translation Services Company


As a health care provider, there may be instances where your practice cares for patients who speak little English or none at all. These people still deserve the highest level of care, but it is important that they understand the diagnosis and the course of treatment before signing an informed consent document that they can read in their own language. Since not all health care providers are fluently multi-lingual, many medical practices hire a medical translation services company to translate important information into other languages.

17 October 2017

Tips For Giving A Presentation Using A Spanish Interpreter


If you are giving a professional presentation to a predominantly Spanish-speaking audience, then using a Spanish language interpreter is an excellent idea. However, if you have never worked with an interpreter before, then there are some specific things that will make your presentation go more smoothly, including following each of these time-tested tips: Rehearse Your Presentation with the Interpreter Before Your Event Since you and your Spanish interpreter are not familiar with each other, it is vital you spend some time together rehearsing your presentation before your speaking engagement.

13 June 2017

Why Human Translation Services Are Best


Would you like to sell your product or service overseas? Are you thinking about having your website translated into different languages so that you can reach more people? While there are many websites out there that offer automatic translation of your text, this may not be the best option for you. While automatic translation may be fine for some short texts, such as quick emails, you'll want to hire a professional translator to translate longer documents for you.

26 January 2017

The Importance Of Common Ground And Being Understood To Establish A Business In Russia


Doing business in Russia is not just translating your current business, documents and all, into Russian. A simple, straight translation using a program or web tools can miss a lot of context as well as all of the important nuances of transacting Russian business. You need to understand both the language and the business culture if you are to be successful. What business culture and language issues make establishing a business in Russia so difficult?

11 March 2016

Making Your Deaf Counseling Patients More Comfortable In Therapy


When you go into the counseling field and make it your life's work to help people overcome emotional and mental traumas and problems in their lives, you want to be sure you are doing everything that you can to make your patients feel comfortable in your office and under your care. If you have a patient or potential patient who happens to be deaf, you may wonder what you can do to make sure that you are doing everything you can to provide an accepting and comfortable counseling environment for your new patient.

16 December 2015

Things To Do In Houston


If you're going to be visiting the Houston area, you want to know about some of the most entertaining things you can do. Houston is a great town with a lot of diversity. This means there is something for everyone. Consider enjoying some of the following sights and opportunities while you are in the area: Visit the museums – Houston has many great museums you won't want to miss out on the chance to enjoy.

30 July 2015

How Chatting Online Can Boost Your Second-Language Learning Efforts


If you're trying to learn a second language online, there's one tool that you should consider making use of: High-speed internet has made it easier than ever to communicate with people from all over the world, and talking with someone who natively speaks the language you're trying to learn is only a click away. How It Helps You might be wondering why talking with a stranger online is a good idea.

23 July 2015